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Zada is an author of fiction and nonfiction who grew up in a small mundane town in Ohio. To avert death-by-boredom she allows the creepy, unexplained, and horrific possibilities in life to flood her imagination with stories. By writing them down she shares them with the world.

Her transgender teenager also keeps her from drowning in eternal boredom by introducing her to new perspectives on life and staving off the routine by adding many daily shenanigans. Zada tries to share with the world all the laughing and crying her transgender teen experiences in an attempt to educate others.

So between her own creepy imagination and the drama of her teenaged son’s life this writer is enjoyably engaged and willing to write it all down. She’s currently working on her first paranormal thriller that sparked from a nightmare as well as a nonfiction book co-authored with her son sharing their experiences of transgender acceptance and transformation.

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Zada’s new-found books, interesting art, and favorite animals make many appearances on Instagram.

She loves sharing her reading progress, thoughts, and goals at Goodreads.

Pinterest is an addiction of Zada’s for everything – home ideas, organizing life’s chaos, possible characters for works-in-progress, causes she believes in, inspiring artwork, favorite books, and amazing authors.

She randomly checks on Twitter throughout the day.

But she’s a woman of habit and cruises by Facebook often.

Zada Kent and photo

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